One Piece Specimen: Robin – Chapter 6

Chopper sighed, his huge body relaxing as he worked on the papers. Sometimes he hated the amount of time he had to spend just writing down new formulas. Of course that was the way of the world. If he didn’t spend any time doing any of this stuff then Medicine would never develop and he’d never manage to discover the elixir of life.

He yawned, rubbing his eyes as he struggled to keep awake. These long nights weren’t doing the best for him either. He could already feel his powerful body beginning to sag.
Robin really wasn’t helping either. Damn her stupid sexy body. He’d lost count on the amount of information he’d managed to gather about her over the past few days. He really should update those documents too.

He closed his eyes, remembering a few days ago when he’d gotten a piece of the Archaeologist’s ass. He still didn’t understand how there was no more irreversible damage. She’d managed to take his fifteen inches with little problem, hell she’d even managed to move back against it and fuck his cock with her ass. Chopper sighed happily as he enjoyed the scene.

“I wonder if she’ll fit my fist in.” he looked down at his huge hands and bunched it into a fist. He paused for a moment before changing his mind. He really needed to get back to work.

That was when Chopper noticed the open book in front of him. His eyes widened as he saw what was coming out of the book.

An ass. A real ass. Chopper screamed and duck ked for cover behind the chair, the chair spinning wildly out of control. He couldn’t believe it. It wiggled slightly before a hand sprouted next to it, grabbing one of the Doctor’s pens. Chopper watched as the hand finished jotting something down on the peachy skin before waggling it’s fingers at the young Doctor.

“FUCK.” and then a single arrow pointing at the two holes. Chopper gulped and nodded.
“Um. So you want my penis inside your pussy?” Chopper asked, pulling down his pants and holding his cock in his hand.
“If you don’t mind.” a voice spoke from behind him. Chopper shrieked again and stared at the woman in the doorway.

Robin immediately felt the head of Chopper’s cock on her pussy lips. Hands sprouted and her fingers opened her pussy as wide as she could, it went in a little the full, tip stretching her lips.
“Oh my.” she growled. She felt it slide further in. There was some pain and for a moment she wondered whether she would be able to take it all but once the globular knob had opened her up and slipped inside it got easier.

Robin felt totally and utterly stuffed by Chopper, even as she stood and watched him making love to a sprouted ass she could feel the huge organ inside of her real body. It was as if a feeling of being full and more, as indeed she was of course.
“Oh….yes!” Robin moaned, pressing her body back against the wall. She had to stay in control. The feelings were getting better and better the more of it that went in her.

“More? You want more Robin!?” Chopper asked. His large hands holding her butt for comfort.
“Yes.” Robin moaned through gritted teeth. “More, give me more.”

Suddenly Chopper could feel the innards of Robin’s pussy pressing against him, squeezing his cock, several lumps sprouted from her walls.
“What….what are you doing!?” Chopper asked. Robin tried her best to keep her powers active.
“Clits.” Robin smiled. “Your cock is doing a fine job, but wouldn’t you want me to have a huge orgasm?” she asked. Chopper nodded.

Robin screamed as he jerked into her. The massive cock surged so deep into her it felt as thought it would come out of her mouth and completely tear the tender skin of her labia. The incredible length brushed and throbbed against her clits. Sending her almost insane with bliss.

“You want me to fuck you now Robin?” Chopper asked. Robin nodded with a whimper. Her insides feeling as though they were being irrigated. It was so far up her pressing against a part of her that nothing had pressed against before. She looked down and could see a visible lump against her stomach where the cock had gotten up to.

Tongues sprouted, teasing the lump and her own skin. Her clits were stimulated, their hard nubs pressing against the warm cock inside her. It was more than the length though for it’s girth had opened her lips so much that her real clitoris seemed to be in a different position and angle. It felt as though the real clit was pressing against his cock so that as he, slowly at first, pushed up and down, the length of his cock pressed continuously against that most sensitive of places. And that was just the real one. The extras were being rubbed and teased almost constantly now as Chopper pushed back and forth.

Having both her lips and tender insides probed at the same time as her clit was stimulated and all with his cock sent Robin crazy.
“Eh! You’re cumming already!?” Chopper exclaimed.
“I am! I am Chopper!” Robin groaned as wave after wave of such strong orgasmic feelings swept over her as she thought she might faint. She did everything she could to keep the sprouted Ass and pussy intact, however her clits soon disappeared.

Suddenly however. Chopper stopped and pulled out.
“WHAT!?” Robin screamed. “Why did you stop! Put it back in! Put it back in!” Robin begged. Chopper obliged, quickly forcing his cock back into the stretched pussy.
“You really like my penis don’t you Robin?” Chopper stated.

Robin closed her eyes, tongues sprouting inside her walls, licking and slurping like crazy at the Doctor’s cock, even some sprouted against his balls, along with some lips. Kissing and tonguing the large leathery balls.

“Mmmmhmmm.” Robin replied as her tongues did their work.

Suddenly Chopper’s thrusts became more and more abrupt and forced. Eventually the Doctor came, balls deep inside of her. His huge cock pouring incredible amounts of hot love piss into her. Robin could feel her stomach beginning to swell and bulge as he continued to shoot his cum into her. She moaned, feeling the hot cum wash her insides out.

Eventually Chopper was finished and pulled out of her. Then with a long and happy sigh he fell back against the surgery bed. His huge body turning back into the smaller Brain form as the last of his energy was drained away.

“You know Robin. Fucking you is the best!”

Robin smiled and lay on the bed next to him.
“And your penis is the best.” she smiled, planting a kiss on his small fuzzy face.

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