One Lump Pornography Story: One Lump Specimen: Robin chapter Ten

One Lump Pornography Story: One Lump Specimen: Robin chapter Ten

Robin smiled as she looked down to watch Chopper – or slave as she enjoyed calling him – remove her boots. He took the utmost care not to injure her precious feet. He removed both of the long boots and put them aside, standing them next to the comfy chair she lounged in.

This was so much fun, while at first Robin wasn’t sure about whether it was right to enslave the young Doctor he was just so good at it. It was a kink, nothing more and he probably realised that. His balls trapped in a baby pink pair of panties, his huge cock erect and hanging out, cock-rings forcing the doctor to stay erect for her pleasure. At the tip she’d placed a condom, should anything escape it would fill up and she’d get a reward for him doing such a thing. Hell, if he asked her to do it she would. Robin blushed at the idea of Chopper coming up with some wild and humiliating things for her to do, and Robin having to obey them without question.

While he was busy putting her boots aside, Robin lifted her hot, sweaty feet up, holding them out to the Doctor. She wiggled her toes in anticipation of his services. He took both of her feet in his hands by their heels, and following exactly as she instructed, he pushed his blue nose into them, sniffing them long and thoroughly, all along the underside of her toes. He inhaled their scent deeply as he had done dozens of times this past week. The confinement of her tight boots had made her stockings hot and moist with perspiration, and the scent of nylon and leather mingled with her own sweet scent.

Robin smiled contently as he pushed his nose into the base of her toes and sniffed deeply time after time. This was an important part of foot worship for Robin, as she felt that her feet, as did any part of her, deserved to be appreciated no matter their condition. It was important that Chopper adored her feet whenever they’d been just bathed by him or if she’d spent a day walking in those boots. It went to the very core of his worship of her.

“Have…um….have I sniffed your feet enough, Robin?” Chopper squeaked. Robin closed her eyes.
“You’ve enjoyed my perfume long enough for now. You may remove my stockings and begin my oral servicing.” she stated with a smile. Chopper nodded and without a seconds hesitation, he reached up under her short skirt and slipped off her stockings and put them on the floor next to the boots, folding them properly as his training dictated. He then returned to his Goddess’s feet and held up one foot up to his mouth. His lipless mouth immediately began kissing it….every inch, slowly, not missing a single part of it. He even spread her toes so he could kiss between them. This was the first phase…kissing her feet to show his complete worship of her, and it was required that his mouth not miss any part of her feet. And they rarely did.

Chopper was concentrating so hard to make sure that he did an excellent job that she smiled and wiggled her toes to give him a bit of a challenge. She loved to tease him. It always seemed to frustrate him at first, but then he’d adapt and find a way to continue to service her no matter what obstacles she threw at him. She loved that about him. The only thing that mattered to him was pleasing her, and he was fiercely determined to do so no matter how hard she made it for him, which led to unending hours and amusement for her.

“Now lick, slut.” she said suddenly, startling him, she liked to add this word from time to time. Of course she knew he wasn’t one. “Start with the left foot, then do the right. You know how I like it…thorough and complete. Do the toes exactly the way I like it. Take your time… long, slow licks at first, then build up speed. I expect to see you working really hard at it before I’ll be satisfied. Understood?”

“Yes, Goddess….Robin. I’ll try very hard to please you.”
She stroked the side of his face with one hand, then ran her fingers through his thick hair fur.
“I know you will.” she moved her toes against his mouth, the act pushing his head back and mashing his lips, but she never even noticed as she sank back into the cushions.

Robin looked down at the Doctor a few moments later, watching him lick contently between and around her toes. His head bobbed up and down and then moved side to side as he made certain he’d licked every possible nook and cranny. He then bent her toes slightly up and back so his tongue could service the base of her toes at the ball of her foot. As instructed, he increased the speed and pressure of his tongue, his head bouncing like a bobble head doll as he licked the exposed area. He pressed his tongue hard into the base of her toes as he licked. Robin enjoyed his huge wet tongue pressing firmly against this part of her foot, and he remembered – and carried out – her training well.

Chopper’s teeth lightly chewed along the side of her foot. As per his training, he was chewing along the juncture of her instep and sole. She adored the mild stimulation of his teeth as they gently scraped along her foot. After chewing from toe to heel along one side of her foot, he would then lick that area, first in small cat-licks, and then in long licks from heel to toes and back. Robin smiled as she decided to go onto the next stage.

“Doctor. Lie back for me.” she ordered. Chopper looked at her, slightly confused before doing as he was told. Robin unhooked the O-rings and removed the condom. She was going to give the Doctor what he deserved. Without hesitation, Robin pressed her toes and the balls of her feet tightly against Chopper’s exposed cock, making him gasp.

“You like that?” Robin asked, taking his dick between the soles of her feet and squeezing it.
“It feels….” Chopper began, his breathing shallow, “so….soooooo nice!”
“You like girl’s feet on your cock, do you?” she continued. “I always said that you were a bit of a masochist, this, enjoying your balls being squeezed, there was not one objection when I put the rings on it.” she teased. “You know. I really enjoy sucking on big, sweet cocks like yours. However if you’d rather I tortured it that’s your own choice.” She spread her toes, so that she could slightly nip the length of Chopper’s giant length.

Robin stroked and caressed Chopper’s hard cock with her bare foot, noticing how his warm pre-cum had leaked out onto her skin. She was close to her climax; the feel of this younger man’s big, hot cock between her feet made her clit tingle with excitement.
Chopper sighed. He was close too.
“You want to cum for me, Doctor?” the girl asked.
Chopper nodded.

The woman tightened her grip of her toes and began to jerk his cock much more violently. “Then cum for me! Now! I want to feel it on my feet!” she demanded. Chopper had watched her pretty feet encompass his throbbing dick and continue to pump back and forth, up and down his shaft. The woman loved to fan her toes out, and they clung to the sides of his veiny cock, wiggling and pinching his most sensitive areas.

Open-mouthed, he started to cum. The woman jerked every drop of jizz from the tip of his prick onto her bare feet. His hot, sticky cum seemed to lube everything up, and so her feet slid back and forth with great ease on the spunky mess he was creating. He watched as his cum glistened in those delicate valleys between her toes. Great puddles of it had collected on the tops of her feet and had run down to her smooth heels.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, smearing some of his cum up the front of her leg with her toes, “That’s my favourite part.” Now then. What should I do next?

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