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One Piece Porn Story: One Piece Specimen: Robin nami's part chapter 1

One Piece Porn Story: One Piece Specimen: Robin nami’s part chapter 1

Chopper shuffled, adding notes into the book, What a turn of events. He now not only had Robin to experiment with he also had Nami. He’d already updated his own notes and the notes he’d provided for Robin. Now there was just Nami to do.

Dr. Chopper’s Medical Reports

Mugiwara Crewmember: ‘Cat Burglar’ Nami
Position: Navigator/Thief
Age: 18

Height: 169cm (5’6 ½)
Weight: Too dangerous to even think of asking. It’s a secret.
B95 W55 H85
Under Bust Size: 65cm (F-Cup)

Known Medical Condtions:
Bitten by a Pre-historic mosquito
Anger Issues.

Special Features:

Lips: An erotic mouth capable of strong suction. She’s hooked on sucking cocks and asshole lately.

Breasts/Nipples: She asked me once to make them bigger! So I did! Nipples and Areola’s size have increased. Maybe I should make her lactate?

Ass: She has a nice ass. Even her asshole is dark and wrinkly. I’m so gonna fuck her ass when I get the chance to do her!

Armpits: They are smelly at times. From the shaved look, I can tell she used to have thick hair on them!

Pussy: It’s kinda loose from all the sex she has. She keeps asking if I’ll modify her to make her tight again. I once saw Franky fit his whole fist inside it.

Other: She has a fowl temper but loves money and sex. Although if you don’t know her she will charge you money for it. I recommend you get to know her first.

Anal Sex,
Big Cocks,
Girl on Girl,
Sissy Boys,
Strong Boys,
Young Boys
Any Boys.
Anything for the right price

Cheap Skates
Guys Who Don’t Pay

He closed his note book and placed it on the highest shelf, where no nosy person would find it. In the wrong hands it could prove to be a problem rather than a blessing. He closed his eyes and let his huge body relax. It was nearly time for him to experiment further.

Ideas raced through his head as he thought of what he could do to the two girls. That was if they let him. He then wondered what could be in store for him if he continued to allow them to have their own way.

Either way it would be fun finding out.

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