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One Piece Porn Story: Nico love

One Piece Porn Story: Nico love

“What’s wrong Robin? You’re not being all greedy today.” Chopper commented, Robin knelt in front of him, her top pulled down and her ample bosom pressing up against his rigid cock, the manhood was an admirable size, running in between her breasts and pressing at the woman’s lips. Robin didn’t reply to him, her tongue out, swirling around the tip.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had it….I’ve wanted to taste it.” Robin simply replied, her fingers teasing the tip as her tongue ran down the shaft.
“Let me have fun with your meat.” Her eyes locked with his, she smirked.

“I was so worried.” Chopper told the woman. “When you said you didn’t want to come back with us…but even though you say it’s been a while….it’s only been three days.” He ended up giggling, Robin turned away from him, her breasts pushing up against his manhood, her hands squeezing them together. Continue reading

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