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One Lump Porno Story: Pirate king's navigator

One Lump Porno Story: Pirate king’s navigator

Luffy watched me with the curiosity of a child, his eyes glued to the work at my hands. I wished he wouldnt stare at me with those glass-like eyes, fearing that he could see into my very soul with them. I didnt truly understand his innocence then. His face turned as my hands moved, and he finally asked What are you doing?

I turned to look at him, sighing. There was a long razorblade in my right hand, and a soapy sponge in the other. One leg was propped up on the edge of a crate. Im shaving. How do you think women have such smooth legs?

Realization obviously dawned. Oh! That makes sense!

I didnt expect him to come onto the deck so late at night after everyone else had gone to sleep, but once he had arrived, there was no getting rid of him. My little secret routine had piqued his interest, and I knew hed be watching until I was finished. Not that there was any shame in what I was doing, it was purely a necessity for a girl who often depends on her looks to get her out of trouble. I simply didnt feel very comfortable with Luffy staring at my legs so intently, my skirt pulled up to nearly my waist. Continue reading

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