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Nami And Hancock: Get ready to witness them both as cumhungry fucksluts!

One Piece Hentai Porn DoujinshiOne Piece Hentai Porn Doujinshi Continue reading

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One Piece Porn Story: One Piece Specimen: Robin nami's part chapter 3

One Piece Porn Story: One Piece Specimen: Robin nami’s part chapter 3

Chopper’s brow creased as he thought silently to himself. Robin and Nami were out of control. They had to be stopped. Robin told him that she was only doing to him what he could do to her. But he was out of ideas.

He didn’t want to make her cry. But he did want her to suffer. Just a little bit. He bit his lip in concentration. He could call in a favour from Keimie and set them up with a couple of humiliating outfits for them. Of course he could turn everything around and have her worship him. He bit his lip before smirking and calling Robin into the surgery.

Robin assumed she’d simply been called in to satisfy Chopper’s whim. For a brief moment she wondered if Nami was to be present too. She knocked on the door and folded her arms awaiting him to invite her in. No dice.

Robin felt the cool sea breeze envelop her body as she knocked again before pushing open the door slightly and stepping into the warm glow of the room.

Chopper looked up from his position at the older woman, clearly frozen in her place at the scene unfolding in front of her. Chopper pulled out from the younger girl’s mouth, his cum dripping onto the floor. Nami made no attempt to move, her throat sore from the fucking it had taken.

“Oh! Robin! You came!” he grinned happily. “I was just teaching Nami a lesson in how to be good.” he exclaimed. He took a step towards the Archaeologist, his huge cock swinging with each step. “But since you were a lot more dominant you deserve more!” he announced, stating his revenge.

Robin said nothing, in some ways she was furious that Chopper was doing such a thing to Nami while at the same time felt her pussy dampen from the idea that Chopper’s huge form was being so dominant.
“Enjoying?” Chopper asked, his eyes wide as he asked. Robin said nothing as a huge arm took her by the waist. “I’m a Doctor. I can detect changes in a person’s body.” he told her, swatting her on her ass. Robin’s face immediately flushed red and she let out a breathy ‘ooohh’ and then hung her head down and wouldn’t look at him. Was she embarrassed in front of Nami?

“I think you do.” he continued. “For that you’ve earned yourself a spanking. Now get over my knee this instant, or your punishment will be doubled.” Chopper sat down, Robin looked at Nami whom sat quietly. It was then that Robin realised the Navigator was bound up in tape.
“We can do this now or I’ll do it in front of the rest of the crew. Or would you prefer that?” he asked.

Robin was lying across his lap before Chopper even had a chance to blink. Seeing his beautiful lover sprawled across his lap, purple pants around her ankles, offering Chopper that irresistible ass for spanking, nothing but a purple thong keeping her decent, was more than Chopper’s cock could take. He had an instant hard-on which he was sure was poking into her belly.

Chopper applied the first few swats lightly on each cheek. When she didn’t seem to protest, and in fact, appeared to be thrusting her ass into the air to meet each spank, Chopper gradually began exerting more and more force with each spank. After about 20 swats on each cheek, they began to take on a rosy glow. The sight of the rapidly reddening ass only egged him on further, and he began spanking her with increasing force.

The harder Chopper hit Robin’s ass, the more she seemed to respond and thrust her ass back up into the air to meet the next spank. Soon he was practically wailing away on Robin’s ass. His powerful arms slapping her. It was now a deep red and Chopper knew it had to be getting pretty painful, as Robin started crying out ‘OW’ or ‘AHH’ with each hit, but, nevertheless, would continue to thrust her ass right back up for the next strike.

“Can you see Nami?” Chopper asked the younger woman who was silent, yet not taking her eye off the older woman. “Robin just loves to be submissive!” he announced. The louder Robin cried out the harder he seemed to hit, yet she never once asked him to stop. Huge fingers pulled away the thong, discarding it with the rest of her pants. Robin’s legs began to part, giving Chopper a glimpse of her beautiful pussy and asshole. Seeing this treasure seemed to push him to greater heights and, though his arm was beginning to tire, he renewed his efforts on her ass. As he was pummelling that gorgeous behind, Robin was now moaning out a constant moan and her legs continued to get further and further apart.

“See! She likes being spanked like a baby!” Chopper felt a rush, greater than anything he’d imagined, that he began to lose control for the moment. Without thinking about it he landed a hard smack directly on her now very exposed pussy. With a screech Robin’s head shot back and let out an awful howl of pain, but she didn’t ask to stop and in fact seemed to spread her legs even more.

Elsewhere. Sanji dropped plates as another screech echoed through the galley. Usopp hammered into his thumb and Brook let out a yell as he broke a string on his violin. Zoro just continued snoring.
“Robin must have a really big pain if she’s like this.” Luffy complained. “I hope she’s ok.”

Chopper continued alternating between Robin’s ass and pussy. It was at this point he noticed that his left leg was starting to get wet with pussy juice. The harder he hit, the more wet she became, until his left leg was absolutely soaked and his hand was coming away drenched from each spank on the pussy.
“You deserve to have your ass spanked!” he shrieked in his cute voice. “You’ve been a very bad girl. Acting like a slut. You need this don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes! I deserve to have my pussy spanked!” Robin began to grind against his leg between swats. After several more smacks on a ass which was almost purple in colour, her screams of pain turning into moans. After several more smacks to her pussy, Robin’s body suddenly went rigid, her head shot back with her mouth open and she began to moan. “Ahhhhhh. I’m cumming.” over and over. Her eyes then rolled up and into the back of her head and her body began to shake violently to the point that she shook herself right off his lap and onto the floor.

After a minute of convulsions, Robin slowly began to come around and take notice of her surroundings again. Chopper could see her face was flushed with the exertion of the orgasm and she still kept her eyes downcast.

“Now look at what you have done, you smelly girl!” Chopper really did attempt to talk down to the woman. He really did. “You’ve soaked my leg in your cunt juices and now I’m all dirty.” he stated. “And you did it all in front of Nami.” he added.

Nami smirked as she held up a portable den-den mushi camera, a photo coming out of it’s mouth of Robin’s humiliation. Robin blushed again, lowering her head. “Now you better be prepared to fix that problem, or you’ll find yourself right back over my knee for another spanking. Is that understood?” and then an afterthought. “Slut.”

A very quiet. “Yes sir.”

“Now get on your knees. We’re going to put that mouth to good use.” he announced. Robin sat on her knees, staring down the huge cock. Chopper reached out and grabbed a handful of hair. “From now on slut, whenever I grab your hair, you will open your mouth and leave it that way until I tell you otherwise.” she immediately complied. He left her there for several seconds. It was a perfect scene. Here was Nico Robin, A Lady who dared not let humiliation get the best of her sitting with her mouth open and eagerly anticipating a Reindeer’s huge swollen cock.

Chopper knew he was in control, at least for now. He looked up at Nami and dismissed her, flashing her the photograph he had over her, a picture of her taking it up the butt and loving it. He’d use her more later. But first it was just him and

What would you like to see happen to Robin next?

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